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Daniel Vella Property Master Toronto Ontario Props Film & Television




I am a Toronto-based Property Master. I've been working in the props department since 2015.


Beginning as a non-union Property Master and progressing into Nabet and IATSE has provided me with a diverse skill set crucial to our department's success. Collaborations with every department being the most important skill. While my primary focus has been in props, I've also worked as carpenter, sets, and spfx. 


Since 2016, I've been privileged to work closely with the same dedicated props team, collectively expanding our skill sets together. In 2023 both myself and my Key On Set Props(Stephanie) travelled to Burbank, CA and enrolled in a film gun safety course as a way to increase our skills and awareness of gun safety while on set. 

We are dedicated to film & television, and choosing the right projects together as a team is extremely important to us. 


Please feel free to visit my behind-the-scenes page and check out all the friends I get to work with! 

Thanks for checking out my website and feel free to reach out to chat. 

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